More than the Sum of Our Parts

Friday, July 14, 2017

Usually the main focus of these weekly posts is FOOD – Delicious, fresh, and of consistent quality – available each week to our community of shoppers.  As the summer unfolds new items ripen and show up at our market….This week we welcomed the first of our CORN!  Thank you, Burnside Acres!

For the next couple weeks this blog will pay special attention to some of our OTHER long time vendors and their offerings.  Together, all their products combine to give our market its broad, local and uniquely appealing flavor. We strive to be “more than the sum of our parts”.

As you enter the market, there on the corner of the parking lot and Old Post Road, is Kelley Kreations Pottery.  Shimmering glazes and whimsical creatures (tiny frogs, a rhino here and there…) give their pottery extra personality.  Browse through the items from salad bowls (to hold greens from Luckyfoot Farm and Burnside Acres?) to coffee mugs… Some pieces even have beach themes worked into the clay….



If, out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glint or a sparkle,  step next door, along the parking lot side, to find Audrey’s Creations with finely crafted jewelry – earrings, necklaces, rings….some items incorporating bits of whimsy from the beach.




Clear across the “green” of our market is Sand Hill Cove Photography.  What better way to take home a lasting bit of Rhode Island’s south shore than by selecting from Don’s exquisite pictures? – A print, a notecard…The subjects range from whimsical to just plain South County Gorgeous.




And then, right next door will be Diane with Pure Haven Essentials.  Each item is made “in house” in Warren, RI.  Each is made of the purest ingredients with all ingredients listed on the label of every product.  Talk with Diane to learn more about this high quality line of cosmetics.





We were fortunate on Friday to have People’s Power and Light visit our market…despite the drizzle.  Taylor, their representative, had lots of information to share about ways to be part of a “green lifestyle”.





Keep in mind that Thundermist is now at our market every week.  Credit cards can be used to purchase tokens at the Thundermist table, valid with each vendor….Any leftover tokens?  They do NOT expire…and can be used at any of the South County Farmers’ Markets all season long.   SNAP and WIC cards are also welcome and qualify for some special incentives.  Visit with our Thundermist rep to see how the system works.


What’s coming up this Friday, July 21st?  The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center will be with us.  Remember the fun they brought along last year?

And SOLARIZE CHARLESTOWN will be on hand with information about the significant incentives and reduced rates that are available to Charlestown residents if they sign up for solar energy by September!

In addition we are fortunate to have ReStore, the Habitat for Humanity resale store located near Shannock, join us for this market day.  Proceeds from ReStore support the work of Habitat for Humanity while making available quality used furnishings, appliances, and tools…among other things.  Drop by to chat with their rep on Friday!

This week’s musician, Peter Weremay, is someone we love to welcome back each year.  So come on down!

Neither Rain nor Sleet nor…..?…kept some from Market Day!

Friday, July 7, 2017 – Despite the weather this past Friday, there was a flurry of activity at the CLT Farmers’ Market site!

There is a Rain Policy for our market, a somewhat informal one….On a truly rainy day we invite vendors to set up – if they wish.  But we do not set up a market table or SNAP table.  We do not have live music, and generally we do not have some of the extras found on a normal market day.  Rain has been an infrequent visitor to our market, but this past Friday, with a deluge falling in some parts of South County while other areas merely experienced drizzle, our Rain Policy was tested.

Turned out that the uncertain weather was no impediment to a few vendors – and shoppers!  We learned that Gandolf and Carl, the Lazy K Ranch alpacas, were undaunted by the rain.  With overcast weather there was no concern about heat from the sun, so the alpacas and their caregivers moved down from their sheltered, shady area at the rear of the market onto our central “green”. 

People, eyeing the animals from the street, stopped by to visit..Several shoppers, especially those under 12, spent some time admiring these beautiful and calm creatures.


There was plenty of time to shop for fresh vegetables and flowers from Burnside Farm just a few steps away.


And then back to check out the luxuriant items made from alpaca yarn (Thank you, Carl and Gandolf.)…along with Lazy K Honey!

Moving down the line, people encountered Amanda from DEM.  Her booth was filled with photographs, games and information about local animals.


At the next stop, Jordanne and Nathan from URI’s Water Testing team were ready with information for all of us well users (That includes everyone in Charlestown since wells are our sole source of drinking water.)

Join us this coming Friday, July 14th for….FAIR SKIES along with  Joslin Hill Apiary (Bees and Honey), Save the Bay, People’s Power and Light and ALL the vendors you’ve come to know (or are hoping to meet) resplendent with the fresh food and fine goods you’ve come to expect. Music this week? Be ready for The Mighty Fee!

9:30 to 1 at 4150 Old Post Rd.  SNAP benefits and incentives available.  See you there and then!

Feeding Our Independent Spirit!

Friday, June 30, 2017  Sun then rain then sun again….How “New England” does it get?  The skies cleared making way for a market day that had something for everyone.  That’s the thing about the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market – The variety of offerings is wide, fresh and authentically local!  And the congenial welcome that everyone receives will make you want to come back EVERY week (9:30 to 1)!

To share some thinking from a sister farmers’ market in Pawtuxet Village, buying American grown food and purchasing American made items at the CLT Farmers’ Market is one way to show your Independent Spirit!  Local food reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating food’s long-distance transport and long term refrigeration before being purchased by you.  Shop at our farmers’ market where delicious, sustainably grown food is brought each week by the actual farmers who tend the crops nearby!   There’s something patriotic about that.


2017….What’s NEW at the market this year?

Along with the Lazy K Ranch (of Alpaca fame….Scroll down if you missed last week’s posting.)  and the availability of SNAP /incentive benefits (with assistance and explanations via Thundermist’s Food Access staff) we have been joined this season by Made by Vicki.  Stop by to see and sample Vicki’s jams and jellies sold ONLY at our farmers’ market….They offer a perfect compliment to the breads, vegetables, meat and shellfish found at surrounding vendor booths.

And, although they are not totally new to our market, Mills Creek has developed a multi product, family approach to summertime in Charlestown.  One family member is specializing in fresh, organic, fair trade coffee while two others are using muscle power to make fresh squeezed lemonade – truly the best around!  The totally NEW part isseen in the fine handcrafts, inspired by nature and crafted by local artisans…



In the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting our tried and true vendors (the ones you look forward to seeing each summer) along with special visitors and….at the center of our market – the shoppers!  Stay tuned.


Foot tapping music by Farm Dog, a regular yearly treat for all, kept us stepping to the rhythm….or maybe just sitting on the grass and enjoying the ambiance.


Soil testing and Master Gardening from URI along with RISE Engineering were there to help us grow healthier plants and keep our homes efficiently cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Free advice was offered with some mighty fine perks for those who stopped by.

Coming up this Friday, July 7th?   Stop by to talk with URI’s Water Quality experts….And then head over to speak with the DEM Fish and Wildlife people!  Before you leave, be sure to check in with our local AFS (American Field Service) Exchange Student representative.   There is so much to sample at our country market and much to learn about our much loved surroundings!

Our 10th Season Is Underway!

Friday, June 23rd  The sun shone brightly across the expanse of green lawn as vendors arrived and set up for Day 1 of the 2017 market.  With the opening bell- rung by Linda, a Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market Comm. member and market program coordinator – shoppers shopped, visitors visited and the musicians (Nikkerry) played.









New to our market was Gandolf, a gentlemanly alpaca and resident of the Lazy K Ranch, a fiber farm in nearby West Kingston.  Stop by to meet him, talk with his caretakers Alan and Ann, and look at (shop for?) some of the beautiful items made with alpaca wool.

Also new to our market this year is the availability of SNAP benefits.  Bring your SNAP card and learn more about ways to stretch your Farmers’ Market dollars!

Keep in mind that the the CLT Market is a prime place EVERY FRIDAY for fresh produce – vegetables, fruit, honey, seafood, meat – along with opportunities to learn about our community from visiting groups and local agencies.  In addition there are photographs for sale to help you revisit the beauty of South County, pure cosmetics and creams, and jewelry with a local flavor.  All the while you can sip lemonade or premium coffee brought to you by some local, young entrepreneurs.








This past week we were visited by Frosty Drew Nature Center and representatives from Sol Power promoting the Charlestown’s solar initiative – Solarize Charlestown.   Joslin Hill Apiary made the first of a couple summer visits and Nikkery’s music had us humming along.

Join us this coming Friday for music by Farm Dog…you may remember them from last year… and an opportunity for having your soil tested by URI’s experts.  RISE will offer information on ways to make your home more energy efficient and there will representatives from Ninigret Park, one of Charlestown’s premier places for fun…all year long!

READY…..SET….Season 2017 Is Coming SOON!

May 2017  Welcomed by members of the Charlestown Land Trust and Eileen Lindeman, Priest at the Church of the Holy Spirit (our market home for the last few years) several vendors gathered on a recent May evening in preparation for Summer 2017 – Our 10th Season.





Sarah MacLachlan, our new Market Manager, gave an overview of the upcoming market, provided vendors with a chance to introduce themselves, and then Rosemary Galiani, the Food Access Manager from Thundermist, announced the workings of the SNAP program, the first year for our Charlestown market to offer these benefits.  We are SO enthused!


The meeting concluded with a stroll around the grounds where the market will open on Friday, June 23rd from 9:30 to 1 and be held each Friday morning through Friday, Sept. 1st.  Be sure to make plans to join us each week for fresh products, live music, special programs and a chance to mingle with your neighbors in a welcoming, fun setting.

Season #9’s Finale

Friday, Sept. 2, 2016

From the opening bell in June…with our own Linda Boback doing the honors….

1 declaration of opening day


….To the parting smiles of our faithful vendors….













And EVERYTHING in between….we’ve had a FANTASTIC summer!



The Charlestown Land Trust welcomed EVERYONE!               …In the parking lot…

….at the CLT Market table….


4 market table3








…or while visiting each vendor location.  Regular shoppers, occasional visitors, and community members found a hearty and genuine welcome as they purchased quality goods…

1 Ava Anderson

4 Johannan's silver

llf-magnolia1 Audrey's Creations




…or stopped to learn about something new from our community non profit visitors..


Throughout the season there have been demos and chances to learn new things..


There have been opportunities to create…and much attention to detail…

7F in the thick of fairy housing11r-recipes









Cassidy and Alex were our much enjoyed musicians this week, but there was music EVERY week at our market.


Together each participant and each event came together to create a unique experience for all in attendance – every single week.

And so, as we lower our sign for 2016,8 Yard Sale comin'

we will feast on the memories through the cold months to come and harbor visions of Market Season Number 10 in the summer of 2017.  Plan to Join us!  






alredy looking forward to it!

A Full Summer’s Harvest!

Friday, August 26, 2016  Before heading to shop at the market some people have been grabbing a bag – a recycled bag available for purchase at our CLT Market table – and then making the circuit among the assortment of vendors.

10R choose a bag

And on that circuit, at this point deep into summer, shoppers selected from beautiful produce….

7F tomato time10R Fruit time9R baskets of veggies


10R Seafood sign

….handmade items and refreshment from our youngest entrepreneurs….

10R jewelry making310R Lemonade girls

…delicious baked goods, fresh coffee and yummy juice beverages….

8 Bread mmmmm9R nitrocart choices

Remember also to pick up your Pure Essentials and Lavender soap along with advice about skin care and information about the production of lotions and cosmetics…

10R Pure Essentials10R Lavender time



This week visitors got to speak with representatives from the Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association and learn, among other things, about an evening kayaking event featuring bioluminescence in a local pond.  Or, perhaps, learning about soil testing from one of URI’s Master Gardeners.

10R Wood Pawcatuck10R UTI Soil testing

Did you know that Charlestown, specifically Ninigret Park, is noted for it’s Dark Skies, perfect for stargazing?


10R Dark skies

Next week’s music will be provided by Cassidy and Alex, a lively duo who will help us wrap up our 9th summer market season.  Why not take advantage of the URI Cooperative Water Quality booth joining us for our final market day?