Abundantly Summer!

Friday, July 26, 20191 A hours

This week you’ll find a “tour” of photos from around our market green. Volunteers helping out, vendors engaged with customers, shoppers in every corner, conversations across the market….Summer is rolling along.  .

And remember – Our Credit/Debit/SNAP/Bonus Bucks program is up and running  each week.


Julie is on hand (next to the Market Table), happy to offer information and answer any questions.

First stop – our VOLUNTEERS….


And now around the market green…From Burnside Acres with all those newly picked vegetables to Meadowbrook Inns array of dishes to Perspectives lemonade to Great Harvest‘s baked goodies…


Audrey’s Creations and Vicki’s Jams and Jellies (bacon to name just one variety) greeted shoppers as they rounded the corner…

Teddy’s Griddle was serving up deliciousness (aromas were wafting), Stoney Hill was ready with their local, famed meats, Sweet Pea Farm stayed cool with fresh greenery and flowers.

Pickily and Sand Hill Cove photography engaged shoppers as they strolled along our shade-blessed corner.  Is-a-bella’s unique bracelets were on display as well…

There was the Craft opportunity found in the Art-under-the-Big-Tree section of the market (always something different) and a nearby photo op at our CLT Face-in the Hole….so many places to stop!

There may not be photos to show, but Ninigret Oyster Farm, Pop on the Block, and Pure Haven Essentials were on hand, busy serving customers.

All the while Mark Hinkley played his keyboard with a range of music to please every shopper.  If you had a request, Mark was at the ready!

Visitors this week included URI’s Water Testing team, always an important part of our market at some point in the summer.

They shared the visitor spotlight with the Boy Scouts (Narragansett Council) who set up an archery area at the edge of the market. Target practice, anyone?

There’s a new section on our blog… “Discover something new about….”.  Each week you’ll find 2 or 3 featured farmers or vendors or volunteers.  Learn something new,  something that you might not have gotten from conversations at their booth each week…We begin with….

“Discover something new about Kelley Kreations”….This came from family member Susan Scotti, Kelley Kreations Pottery is a family business. Whether working at the markets or designing and making the pieces, it’s fun to do it together. We make nature inspired functional and sculptural ceramics and like to add a touch of whimsy wherever we can. We love to give back, on the local level, by participating in the Empty Bowls events to raise money for the food bank, and raising money for the International Rhino foundation, on the global level.”

And across the way “Discover something new about…The Lazy K Ranch”. Aside from being home to the beloved Gandolf and Carl, here’s more: Alan and Ann Kinsley run a small family fiber farm in West Kingston, The Lazy K Ranch, which offers Alpaca fiber socks, gloves, hats, mittens and designer yarn. This breathable and sustainable material is soft and insulating. Gandolf and Carl, two affable alpacas from the farm, travel each week to the farmers’ market wearing their “born in” alpaca attire.

What to look forward to this coming Friday, August 2nd?   For music we will have Farm Dog, “traditional and original material with an old timey feel”….We look forward to their time with us every summer.

The archery session with the Boy Scouts was a hit….and they are on target to join us again this Friday…so aim to be there!  You can learn more about the Boy Scouts

One more thing….RI Land Trust Council sponsors RI Land Trust Days every year as summer moves toward fall.  This year the kick off event is a hike on one of CLT’s treasures: The Sprague Property in Carolina.  Friday, August 9th is the date, 6 o’clock is the time.  If you’ve not visited this newly acquired property, you are in for a treat!  Free, open to all, and refreshments too!6 land trust days

As always, the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market is the kind of market it is because of the community spirit that prevails.  Join us each Friday during the summer!


Summer in Full Swing

1 A hours Friday, August 9, 2019

The lush abundance of this season!

Fruit? Veggies? Meats? Shellfish? Side Dishes? Locally Made Items? Music? Children’s Activities? Alpacas (with long eyelashes)? They’re here awaiting you!

Much anticipated Narrow Lane Orchard has joined us with blueberries, peaches, nectarines, and this funny little peach called a Saturn…It really does look like the rings around that planet – and the flavor is out of this world!

Music at our market always draws an audience…and among the most uninhibited watchers are the children. One can observe them bouncing or twirling or jiggling along to the tunes.  This week  Tom Burgess doubled as guitar player/vocalist and Pied Piper.

Consistent with CLT efforts to care for the land, the water table and surrounding natural resources, Green Energy Consumers Alliance, a visiting non profit, fit right in.  They showed up with information about renewable energy and AN ELECTRIC CAR for close viewing.   Several conversations were had as visitors stopped to inquire…

And a good deal of interest surrounded the car!8 electric car

Just down the way there was talk of clean, safe well water, a subject dear to the heart of locals. Water Testing people were on hand to offer valuable info.8 J well water

What else at the market? For one we had dishes and condiments from Meadowbrook Inn, with assistance from Martine.8 Meadowbrook 2

Logan got a workout selecting oysters, little necks and steamers from Ninigret Oyster Farm.  There were chowder clams too for stuffies or your own version of chowder.8 Logan at work

8 J rainbow produceSweet Pea Farm offered vegetables wreathed in a rainbow of flower arrangements.





This week  “Discover something new about Burnside Acres Farm…Burnside Acres, a mainstay farm at our market, has been a farming site since the 1700s when the property was owned by the Browning family. At present it is a 20 acre working farm, one of very few still found along the RI south shore. John Jackson and Vicki Lepree live in the circa 1750 farmhouse (once used as a post office and general store) and for the past 42 years have utilized increasingly modern farming practices along with the overall hard work required. The farmland, just the other side of the Charlestown line, has been put into conservation through the South Kingstown Land Trust.

Then head over to “Discover something new about Pickily…” Sam Chesebrough, creator of the Pickily line of crunchy, summer vegetables, knew a good thing right from the start. Inspired by his grandmother’s recipe for pickled cucumbers he has gone on to create a whole line of taste sensations. Sam, husband and father of three young children, has worked in marketing and food related fields over the years. Moving back from the city with his family he has shifted direction and focused on perfecting a line of delicious, briny vegetables. His children’s favorite pickled treats? The cucumbers and cauliflower. Mine? The pickled mushrooms. It’s his first year at our market…Stop by, sample, and make your decision!

5 F Pickily2

This coming Friday, August 16th we will be joined by the South County Art Association as well as URI Master Gardeners with another opportunity to gain soil testing information. Tunes and Tales with the Crone Tones will be on hand with instruments for audience participation.  You won’t want to miss this!





Look Closely!

1 A hoursFriday, August 2, 2019

6 credit snap

Keep in mind the availability of our services for Credit/EBT, Debit, SNAP, Bonus Bucks and information on Senior Coupons – all available at our market.  Julie, at the info table, will be happy to answer your questions.


Changing things up a bit for this week, here’s a little quiz.  Can you match photo to vendor?  LOOK CLOSELY.

10 R stoney hill7 F Kelley's7 F Teddy's7 hamburg bun7 Farm Dog accordian7 close lemonde makings7 close sand hill7 close Audrey scallop7 close popcorn7 SP flowers27 F Gandolf7 close peppers7 close oyster7 close Isabella7 close salsa7 close pickily7 vicki's jam

Starting at the top, left to right the answers are:: 1. Stoney Hill Cattle Co., 2. Kelley Kreations Pottery, 3. Teddy’s Griddle, 4. Great Harvest Bakery, 5. Farm Dog for Music, 6. Tools for fresh Lemonade, 7. Sand Hill Cove Photography, 8. Audrey’s Creations, 9. Pop on the Block, 10. Sweet Pea Farm, 11. Gandolf of Lazy K Ranch, 12. Burnside Acres, 13. Ninigret Oyster Farm (note the seaweed for authenticity), 14. Is-a-Bella Jewelry, 15. Meadowbrook Inn, 16. Pickily, 17. Vicki’s Jam.,

….Come on by this Friday and Look Closely.…There’s so much for you at our market!

It was Farm Dog Week for Music!  They developed QUITE a following! 7 F Farm Dog group

Archery was a popular choice when once again the Boy Scouts (Narragansett Council) arrived and invited people in to test their skill. 7 Archery

The Art Table-under–Tree for children, run by the Church of the Holy Spirit, had its share of involvement with a Hot Air Balloon craft, as shown by this young artist:7 child balloon

This week “Discover Something New about Sand Hill Cove Photography…”:

Don Cameron, of Sand Hill Cove Photography, has an artist’s eye and the heart of an advocate for a way of life that is dependent on the sea. After an architectural career he settled in the Sand Hill Cove section of Narragansett where he continues to explore, observe, and photograph life in the nearby fishing village of Galilee and beyond. His photos invite people to bring the beauty and flavor of coastal and inland South County home with them.

And…“Discover Something New about Ninigret Oyster Farm…”:

For more than twenty years Rob Krause, of Ninigret Oyster Farm, has been shellfish farming, most of it on his own leases in Ninigret Pond. He has been developing his farming expertise to the point where oyster seed is started in a solar powered upweller, suspended from a rafter for 12 months. (next to Ninigret Landing Marina which he owns with two other oyster farmers). The baby oysters are then spread on the pond bottom for another 12 months before harvesting…They then find their way, after 2 years, to restaurants around the country AND to the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market every summer.

This coming Friday, August 9th Green Energy Consumers’ Alliance (formerly People’s Power and Light) will be on hand with valuable information on renewable energy options.  It’s reported that they’ll bring an ELECTRIC CAR for people to investigate.

We’ll welcome back URI’s Water Testing Team, always an important resource in our rural area with its many wells as the sole source of drinking water.

Our Music Man for the day will be Tom Burgess, someone we look forward to hearing every summer!

And this Friday evening, August 9th at 6:30, at the newly opened Patricia Sprague Forest Preserve in the Carolina section of town, the Charlestown Land Trust will host the kick off event for RI Land Trust Days.  6 land trust daysThis month long, annual celebration of open space and conserved land around the State of Rhode Island is sponsored by the RI Land Trust Council and highlights many outdoor treasures that are available to the public throughout the year.  Friday night’s event is free, open to the public, includes an hour long walk with refreshments served.

Join us!



Heart of Summer 2019

Friday, July 19, 20191 A hours

Our farmers’ market is built on the belief that open space feeds a healthy lifestyle.  And supporting an economically and environmentally vigorous farming community is one way to support that open space. 2 shopping bags

So then, what are some of the other ways, small and large, that we sustainably support the lifestyle we value?  Start with shopping bags redesigned and stitched by our volunteers from recycled materials. Attractive, useful, and available each week at our market table.

Many of our shoppers already come with their own shopping bags in hand….But for some vendors, plastic produce bags are the way to package some of the less “tidy” foods…like say Oysters.  Here’s what customers arrived with on Friday, ready to purchase shellfish….and minimize the use of new plastic, single use bags.

They brought their own to reuse! Less plastic to escape into the environment.  We LOVE our customers for so many reasons, and this is one more!  Do they know it’s  Plastic Free July?

Strolling around the market to the music of “Where’s Lewis?” (Gerry Nicoletti and Lee Singer) our visitors were greeted by a host of vendor choices….

And a new vendor on our market green: Is-a-Bella with summery jewelry of her own design.3 Is a bella

(Keep in mind that we have SNAP benefits, Credit and Debit services, and Bonus Bucks, available at our market. Plus Senior Coupons are accepted for vegetables and fruit.)


Wander back past Pure Haven Essentials and Lazy K Ranch (Gandolf and Carl, the Alpacas) on one side, Stoney Hill Cattle Co. on the other and head to the big tree to find children actively involved in Pam’s latest environmentally related craft project-of-the-week.  Each week something creative, engaging, and conservation minded sponsored by the Church of the Holy Spirit.5 F Art Activity

Community nonprofit guests this week included URI’s Master Gardeners with a host of volunteers offering information on soil testing and all kinds of gardening know how.5 F Burnside 3

Between Perspective’s lemonade stand and Pickily RI DEM Outreach folks set up a table of wonders.  Among the RI artifacts was a bobcat pelt saved after the animal tried to  navigate a road – unsuccessfully.  Exquisite in design….soft to the touch (better on the animal, of course, but….)

Coming up this Friday, July 26th, customers will be able to speak with representatives from URI’s Water Quality Testing.  Here in Charlestown we ALL have wells and checking the quality of our water is up to each of us.  Stop by to learn more.

The Boy Scouts, with several active troops in the area, will be on hand to share their stories.

Our own Mark Hinkley will bring us music…He’s definitely our Keyboard Guy! Join us!


Composing Our Summer Song

1 A hoursFriday, July 12, 2019  We are into the rhythm of the season, composing our summer song.  On Friday morning the clouds scudded away, the rain receded….And while the humidity lingered, the chords of summer were ringing true, right from the opening bell.

Burnside Acres’ array of vegetables continued to crescendo and change with the season….New this week? CORN!

And across the way was Sweet Pea Farm making their debut at our market with fresh greens, herbs, flowers – grown and harvested on land conserved by the Charlestown Land Trust!

For a long while now the Farmers’ Market has been questing after a FOOD TRUCK.  Our market manager Julia connected with Teddy’s Griddle…And the food they served on Friday?  It had many of us singing a happy tune – Delicious!!!  Come on by to sample!

A summer song leads one to think that there was music at the market.  And there certainly was!  To everyone’s great pleasure Peter Weremay played from beginning to end. People settled on the lawn to listen, visit, enjoy…

But there was more….Music that is heard is only part of a summer song… Our Market song includes notes from our artisans:  Kelley’s Kreations, Sand Hill Cove Photography, and Audrey’s Jewelry Creations…to name a few.

FARMS are central to any farmers’ market and they are the melody for our song.  In addition to the fruit and vegetable versions we have Stoney Hill Cattle Co. for beef, pork, chicken (and eggs), Ninigret Oyster Farm for oysters of course, but also little necks and steamers, and Lazy K honey and beautifully made alpaca items (Thank you in part to Carl and Gandolf!)

The parts of our market song are kept in harmony and on key by our market manager and our volunteers.  It’s easy to see how the music flows with their support and watchful eyes. Land Trust volunteers and members of the Perspectives community continue to keep us on pitch.

Each week there is a bit of a variation in the tune we play when we welcome local nonprofit groups.  We were glad to welcome back two long time friends: Dave from the Westerly branch of  Save the Bay  and Indie Cycle ready to recycle unwanted electronics…or as Phyllis, one of the owner’s says, “anything with a cord.”

Of course, our shoppers and visitors are the ones who provide the voices for our summer song.  It is summertime…and it can be HOT!  Here’s how one of our favorite market attendees sang her song  in the heat last Friday…

Join us this Friday, July 19th as we continue creating our summer song.  Gerry Nicoletti will bring us music we love.  Plus RI DEM’s Fish and Wildlife Service will be on hand and URI’s Master Gardeners’ soil testing service will be available.


The Third One’s the Charm

1 A hours

Friday, July 5, 2019   The 4th of July Weekend in South County!  It seems as if everyone wants to be here…It can seem like everyone IS here.

The market welcomed a steady stream of shoppers and visitors.  And yet, as busy as the market was, there was still a sense of a time when lingering was more a part of life.  People met one another, exchanged greetings, engaged in conversations, laughed, shopped, sat on the lawn….lingered.

People at the market table welcomed arrivals, helped direct shoppers and offered info about our Charlestown Land Trust…including the upcoming Summer Party and Auction on Thurs., July 18th.  The Summer Party has proven to be a overall GOOD TIME!  Tickets are available at the market on Friday or online at The Charlestown Land Trust website.

Chris Fee’s music contributed to the vibe.  His notes wove through the morning…sometimes toe tapping, other times pure entertainment.

As for shopping?  Take a look at just a few or our offerings.  Vicki’s jams and jellies, Great Harvest‘s bakery items, Pure Haven‘s organic skin care products, Meadowbrook Inn‘s yummy side dishes, Sand Hill Cove’s South County photographs,….and the reliably fresh assortment of vegetables, fruits, and flowers from Burnside Acres.

A word about our VOLUNTEERS – There could be so many words about our volunteers…  Without them we would be unable to run the market we run.  They staff the CLT Market table, they direct parking, they spread the word about the market, they help the vendors and show people where things are…Today we’ll reintroduce Perspectives, the group that is with us for a second year and is a main source of volunteer work at our market.

Each week Perspectives people help unload, set up and break down materials for the various vendor booths.  And this year they have stepped in to make decidedly delicious, fresh squeezed lemonade.  Our beloved Lemonade Boys from last year retired,  and we were unsure how to provide something of similar quality.  In stepped Kara, The Lemonade Lady from Perspecitves.  You really MUST try this summery beverage!

This week’s community guests included the Anne from the Domestic Violence Resource Center and Gabby from EcoRI, an online environmental news source for our state.  Sign up for the ecoRI’s weekly newsletter – every Tuesday.  Both of our visiting organizations has an admirable track record of making life in RI better for her citizens.

Coming up this Friday, July 12th….Be ready for Indie Cycle.  Electronics recycling – “Anything with a cord” is the catch phrase.  We’ll enjoy music by Peter Weremay (as we do each year!) and have an opportunity to speak with people from Save the Bay with an office in Westerly where the focus is on our RI coastline and Little Narragansett Bay.   Come learn more…and then shop for  local fresh food and products.


Up and Running!

1 A hoursFriday, June 28, 2019 Sunshine, clear skies, and a grassy farmers’ market square filled with vendors, shoppers, music, children’s voices, and good cheer!  Market number 2 gave a full welcome to Season # 12!

There we were with ALL THAT FRESH FOOD plus a CLT Market table to help people find what they sought, volunteers from Perspectives to help set up and close down the market, a Credit/Debit/SNAP/EBT/Bonus Bucks table to help foot the bill… 1 Julie and SNAP….and MUSIC from Gilead Road bringing us altogether.

Greeting Shoppers from last year made it feel like a kind of reunion.  And meeting new customers and visitors to the market was, as always, a delight.

2 Listen...do you want to know a secret

Carl and Gandolf share the good news about another promising season at the CLT Farmers’ Market

Check here each week to learn more about our vendors, volunteers, community service groups and visitors ….For this posting, here’s a quick look at some of what (and who) could be found at our second market day for 2019 – from Burnside Acres veggies and fruit to Stoney Hill meats to Great Harvest bakery items to Meadowbrook Inn side dishes to Ninigret shellfish to Pop on the Block popcorn.  All that deliciousness!

Notice the happy, engaged expressions on our shoppers’ faces… and the sellers too. There’s a reason for that. Our market is a place people want to be on a Friday morning in the summer.

2 Kids' activitiesChildren visiting the market each week are invited to an art corner under the tree near the Church garden….This week’s creative opportunity? Flowers from paper tubes – Made from recycled materials.

This week’s visiting nonprofit groups included URI’s Water Quality Testing (In Charlestown EVERYONE has a well.) and the URI Master Gardeners . Take a look at the garden near the Cross Mills Public Library and Historical Society Archive and then visit the Native Garden at Kettle Pond Visitor Center to see just what these marvelous green thumbers can do!


We also welcomed Rhodeside Revival, a community group – new for us – that promotes composting for a healthier environment.2 Roadside Revival

The summer is a comin’ in with bells on, as they say.  We invite you to join us!