Still More Vendors….Old and New

ImageWhat started as a “hobby” in nearby Perryville has grown over the past decades into a thriving seasonal blueberry business, Jerry’s Berries.  Jerry Lynch and his family had the acreage and an ideal setting for growing blueberries.  What goes better with steamers and fresh corn after a day at the beach in summertime South County than blueberries?  Jerry has brought his sweet harvest to our market since its very beginning six years ago, and people come back to the market each week, even each year, for more.Image

ImageCan Paradise be faraway?  Not if you visit our market and stop at Paradise Hill Farm.  This year, farmers Ted and Shirley Robbins have added our market to their schedule bringing with them an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers that is as appealing to the eye as to the taste buds.  Viewing their display of produce each week is just the first step on a delicious and healthful journey. Image

If you shop, there must be a way to carry those purchases.  Beth Iovino of Mio Bags provides packaging that is as eye-appealing as what may be put inside.  Her reusable oil cloth creations are available in a host of sizes, patterns and colors – there at her market stand or made to order.  Beth, our market manager, is indeed busy each week expanding her inventory with more bags and an imaginative selection of useful items.2013 land trust mio bags A

2013 Great Harvest 2Follow the trail of shoppers with a yen for a cinnamon roll or cookie treat and you’ll likely be standing next to the Great Harvest display of baked goods – breads and pastries made from scratch with whole grains and many local ingredients.  Each week you’ll be greeted by a smile, perhaps a sample, and then a choice of tasty and healthful items that provide a perfect compliment to the fresh produce available from surrounding farmers and vendors.


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