Always fresh!  That’s the bottom line for everything offered by The Local Catch.  And the catch is truly local, brought in at Point Judith under the direction of Captain Cook (yes….Captain Cook – a seafaring name for sure.   Rich and Ann Cook have managed The Local Catch since its beginnings.)  For the past couple years, our market has been fortunate to offer their seaside delicacies in our seaside town.  Image

If you haven’t tried a “tomato bomb” you’re in for a treat!  Stop at Provencal Artisan Breads and Pastries on a Friday morning,and the tomato bomb is just one of the delectable treats that will be waiting.  Baskets of fresh, crusty breads surround plates of sweet and savory snacks.  Eat as you browse through the market and remember to bring a loaf of bread to share at home.Image


For a more than a half of a century the Havens, Sid and Bette, have been raising perennials, shrubs and ornamental trees on the premises of Haven’s Nursery in Charlestown.  For the past two years they have brought a wide selection of their plants to our farmers’ market, just up the road from their original nursery.   Each week discover new blossoming plants and greenery to take home for planting in your garden.ImageImage


Meadowbrook Inn specializes in sauces, salsas and dips made here in Charlestown incorporating locally grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. If there is entertaining to be done or if you’d like a summery change of pace for your warm weather fare, stop at the Meadowbrook Inn booth and let Amanda be your guide in deciding ways to brighten your table.Image


The best of all possible worlds is the one in which New England Grassfed animals grow.  Local settings are guaranteed to enhance the flavor of your meat.  The results?  Delicious!  Beef, heritage pork and rotationally grazed rabbit, all of which have been pasture grown and are free of antibiotics, hormones and other forms tinkering.Image

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