The Vendor Parade…Continued!

Newest of the new, our market has recently been joined by ABC Dahlias, a local family-owned business that specializes in a breathtaking assortment of….dahlias, dahlias, dahlias.  At first one might notice the proprietor’s straw hat worn each week by Bill Dykstra…But as soon as eyes drift over to the waves of blooms, there is no where else to look.  The flowers are perfection.  Alone or in clusters they offer a mesmerizing rainbow of mid summer color.Image

Getting a taste of SouthCounty can mean more than having local vegetables, meats, and seafood on the table.  Donald Cameron from Sand Hill Cove Photography offers the flavors of our locale in his exquisitely captured photographs.  Perusing the scenes at his weekly exhibit can transport a viewer across the spectrum of our corner of New EnglandImage

Summer and Lemonade, ideal companions!  Our market Lemonade Stand exemplifies the partnership.  Johnny Mitrano, mentored by Mike Bussey,  learned the art of lemonade making.  Before the observer’s eyes lemons are transformed via a hand juicer into a fresh beverage that quenches a thirst like none other.  And, in between customers, one might notice some lemon juggling going on under the market tent thanks to Johnny’s dad, Caesar and an occasional passing volunteer.Image

Capturing designs in nature and crafting those designs into pottery is the realm of Kelley Kreations Pottery run by the Scotti family of North Kingstown.  Inspiration comes from our very own environment, a leaf perhaps or a tiny frog imaginatively created to climb over the rim of a bowl.  The wares offered here compliment the spirit of our market where appreciation of the natural world is fostered.Image

Just down the road from our Farmers’ Market in Cross Mills is a new local boutique run by Holly Ricci.  Entwined is making its presence known this summer at our market with handcrafted items, many that are created from objects found along our shore. Image

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