Blue Skies, Blueberries, and…..

Friday, July 18, 2014  ….and some bluesy music mixed in with a host of other tunes by Jon Campbell, our noted musician for this week….What a day for the market! First – the BLUEBERRIES!  Jerry’s Berries made a debut the week before, but this week those berries were abundantly present!  Juicy, ripe, and delicious…We’ll be featuring these South County delights until their season ebbs….5 Jerry's Berries The vegetables at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market are top of the line – but for some of our shoppers there are meat and shellfish items that are sought each week.

New England  Grassfed offers a weekly assortment of locally grazed beef, pork, and rabbit – all grown humanely under our Rhode Island skies.   Meet Pat each Friday morning, the local purveyor of New England Grassfed.  His enthusiasm and knowledge of his products will be an invitation to try some of his delicious cuts of meat.

5 New England Grassfed

If seafood is your penchant, then there is none fresher, sweeter, or more delectable than what has been harvested from Ninigret Pond.  Ninigret Cup Oysters, nationally acclaimed for flavor, top the list at Rob Krause’s Oyster Farm vendor’s station.  Most weeks there are also little necks and sweeter-than-sweet steamers…Every now and then a bag of mussels will appear, or, on special occasions, some smoked bluefish or striper (caught by Rob and smoked by his brother-in-law, Andrew Nathan of Sea Goose fame).  It is always a pleasure to let a customer know that before the market opened that day, the shellfish was residing in the “pond just down the street”.

1 Rob setting up5 oyster line

A morning with a fine array of local vendors, a welcome second visit from the RI Beekeepers Association. refreshments abounding, and lots of info for visitors and good cheer emanating towards the country feel of the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market – what could be more of a pleasure?

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