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So Many Ways to Love a Market

Friday, Aug. 22, 2014  Consistent with Season #7 at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’  Market, there was something for everyone!

There were shoppers to shop….

10 weighing the produce

10 baby shopping

There was music to set the tone -Tom Burgess this week!
10 music

And ACTIVITIES, lots of them, for people of ALL ages….

10 hands on for kids

10 kid corner

10 all ages 1

10 bubbles other

There were discoveries….some made by humans, and some by other market attendees!

10 Scout and co.

10 another curious onlooker

10 mutual discovery

A special offering during this market session was The Origami Poems Project .  With the motto “Change the world, one free poetry book at a time” visitors were invited to enjoy poetry and take some poems for their pocket all folded origami style.

10 origami poetry close up

10 origami poetry1

10 origami poetry for all

For the second week in a row, local author Jay Primiano stopped by for awhile to sign copies of his book, Swim that Rock. with its story set in our own Rhode Island.

Books will be available in the market tent this week, the last of the Farmers’ Market of the Season.                            10 Jay and co        Don’t miss your opportunity for a good RI read!


Friday, Aug. 15, 2014   Take a look at the photos below and you will see communities of many sorts – all coming together on a Friday morning in the summer at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market.

Along with our community of vendors, as seen on this site throughout the summer, there is a community of volunteers!  Beginning with a smile and a greeting they help visitors with everything from parking to locating a particular item to providing fresh squeezed lemonade….

8 Volunteer core 1


Volunteers of ALL ages…..

8 cooks in the kitchen


6 volunteer charm

4 CLT greeters


And there are children, a community of them too!  They can be seen running or wheeling alongside 7 Twins at the marketof their families,…

9 from a child's view


8 family time at the oysters

meeting the farm animals who accompany some of our vendors,

9 goat time7 pig meets kids


9 kids and goats

participating in the activities of the market………

9 arts and crafts

9 arts and crafts 2

9 work pays off

…And there is a community of MUSICIANS, one performer or group each market day…..

7 music man 1


9 music man

Add to all this the featured guests on any given Friday…For example, representatives of the Charlestown Comprehensive Planning group…

8 Comp Plan 5


8 Comp Plan 1

And to all this 2 markets worth of book signings by Jay Primiano, author of Swim that Rock, a tale set in our RI locale, and you have the makings of a splendid Friday morning!


What Makes a Lively Market?

Friday, Aug. 1 and Friday, Aug. 8, 2014  We know for sure that fresh, delicious produce, seafood, and meats provide the foundation for a farmers’ market that attracts an array of regular shoppers.  The Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market HAS that!  But there is oh, so much more that contributes to the Friday Morning Experience each summer.

There are toys – made with designs and materials that are safe for our littlest ones.

8 toy time

There’s jewelry made with treasures from the beach or the sea or the woods…..

7 Audrey's offerings

There’s clothing and there are accessories, perfect for enhancing South County living….

8 Entwined 1

And art that is inspired by nature while creatively incorporating an imaginative collection of found items.

7 art by Karen

Weekly guests: artisans and public service workers can be found in the vicinity of the market table.

7 Dawn and Cassius

Lemonade – refreshingly tart – brings smiles and a quenching of thirst.

8 Lemonade!

And programs available every week for children – each market day the Church of the Holy Spirit has cooked up a new activity…from paintings to scarecrows…..7 artwork and the Cummings'

8 scarecrow