Friday, Aug. 15, 2014   Take a look at the photos below and you will see communities of many sorts – all coming together on a Friday morning in the summer at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market.

Along with our community of vendors, as seen on this site throughout the summer, there is a community of volunteers!  Beginning with a smile and a greeting they help visitors with everything from parking to locating a particular item to providing fresh squeezed lemonade….

8 Volunteer core 1


Volunteers of ALL ages…..

8 cooks in the kitchen


6 volunteer charm

4 CLT greeters


And there are children, a community of them too!  They can be seen running or wheeling alongside 7 Twins at the marketof their families,…

9 from a child's view


8 family time at the oysters

meeting the farm animals who accompany some of our vendors,

9 goat time7 pig meets kids


9 kids and goats

participating in the activities of the market………

9 arts and crafts

9 arts and crafts 2

9 work pays off

…And there is a community of MUSICIANS, one performer or group each market day…..

7 music man 1


9 music man

Add to all this the featured guests on any given Friday…For example, representatives of the Charlestown Comprehensive Planning group…

8 Comp Plan 5


8 Comp Plan 1

And to all this 2 markets worth of book signings by Jay Primiano, author of Swim that Rock, a tale set in our RI locale, and you have the makings of a splendid Friday morning!


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