Come One and ALL!

July 17, 2015  This week’s market continued the tradition of welcoming people of every age.

The young –

4 R Kids at the market4 R shopping 2

4 R kids conversation

3 R lemonade girls

the VERY young

,3 R little onesR 1 little shopper

the vintage…

4 R shoppers

3 R Magnolia girls

and the inbetween….3 R Family time

4 R conversations 2

4 R Bread of Life

Add to all this – Music by one of our favorite combos – Biscuit City with Paula Clare and Josh Schurman,4 R more musich

…a visit from the AFS Exchange Program,  and the first day of BLUEBERRY SEASON!!!

What could be better? 4 R Berries are back

Join us this coming Friday, June 24th, to shop.  And be there for a visit from ecoRI, the online environmental news source for RI, music with Peter Weremay  and Sue Ruggieri  with the very latest from the Charlestown Animal Shelter.

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