Those Lazy Hazy (Amazing) Days of Summer!

July 31, 2015   What’s Amazing? Mid Summer Season is here already with days that are consistently warm and produce which is ripe and abundant…5 F BurnsideF 2 Luckyfoot 3

….and there is an inclination to kick back and enjoy the moments at hand. 6 R Market table

Whether in the company of….Old friends….6 R two old guard

…Or Young friends….5 F time outR 2 plant selling

 Volunteer friends….R 2 volunteers 1

…or Vendor friends3 R Pat and Co.

And of course, the music! This week Mark Hinkley performed on keyboard 6 R Mark the Music Manand our very own opera singer added his music which filtered through the market atmosphere…6 R Linda and don't know

And a fine mix of other types of goods to delight and serve everyone!5 F Ava3 R Audrey

The Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market will keep you coming back, Friday after Friday, all summer long.




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