Faces of the CLT Market – 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015  As we approach our final two market days of the 2015 Season (this coming Fri., Aug. 28th, followed by a Fri.-of-Labor Day Market, Fri., Sept. 7, 2015 with most of your favorite vendors….) there’s much to appreciate…

Here are some of the faces from the summer….: shoppers, vendors, volunteers, Land Trust members, and faces from our generous “landlords” at the Church of the Holy Spirit….Be prepared for a looooong series of great photos!  (And there is more info at the end of this week’s posting…)0 R bread shopping9 R Peaches9 R blackberry height9 R bargaining at magnolia

9 R shopping9 R shopping Magnolia9 R Shoppers9 R Linda9 F kid time9 R shopping for photos9 R Pat8 R child activ.7 R shopping7 R Sandy and Pete7 R plants9 F Lemonade and Carissa7 R CLT family7 R Amanda7 F child setting up9 R Joy and the watermelon9 R Linda me and oysters

Oh, the list could continue for pages, but mention must be made of last week’s music with Nick Cicchese…such a range of styles that brought smiles from all corners of the market!9 R music

Special guests included the Water Quality people from URI talking with visitors about issues of drinking water from wells, a reality for all Charlestown residents.

9 R safe wate

Special guest Susan Korte, creator of the website “What Grows on in RI”, explained how this site connects people with environmental events and resources from all over the state…Quite a comprehensive collection of things to KNOW.

9 F What Grows on in RI

Plan to join us this coming week, Fri., Aug. 28th  at the Market where the Charlestown Land Trust will have an EXTRA surprise…starting around 11 AM….But stroll through the market beforehand and then Join Us for something special!!!

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