Oh, Those Volunteers – They Help Keep Our Market Humming!

Friday, July 8, 2016  Ask the Vendors at the CLT Farmers’ Market.  Chances are they will have a story to tell about ways in which our VOLUNTEERS make a difference every week!1 Eric as Manager

Our Friday Manager, Eric Warren, arrives early to set up the Market Tent and then gets things rolling.  Eric has volunteered at our market since his middle school days, or several years, long enough to be part of our CLT Farmers’ Market Family.

3 volunteer cheer

This year Eric has taken charge of guiding a team of volunteers (among them Christian, Sarah and Grace shown above) in making our market ever more vendor friendly AND shopper friendly.  If a vendor needs help setting up…….Or would like a short break……Or if shoppers require some assistance, our Volunteers can be counted on to be helpful – with a smile!

We have other volunteers as well.  If you visit our market table or walk around at the market you are sure to encounter some of them.

4 market table

4 market table2

2 Linda in charge

This past week we welcomed the Domestic Violence Resource Center.  They shared some of the ways in which their Center serves our community.  Right next door at the Market were the Frosty Drew volunteers, directly from the Nature Center in Charlestown.  They brought information about their programs for people of all ages right at Ninigret Park.

3 DVRC3 Frosty Drew reps

Peter Weremay’s songs rang out as shoppers shopped and visitors visited.  3 Peter Weremay music

And as always, lots and lots and lots of fresh, delicious food was on hand….



The 4th of July Weekend launches summer in Charlestown.   This week at the market kept the summer flow going complete with all the warm weather flavors.

Next week, Fri., July 15thSave the Bay will be with us.  People’s Power and Light as well for those who want to support renewable energy from the grid.  And if you have considered having an energy audit done, RISE Engineering will be on hand to make an appointment with you.  For music we will welcome Andrea and JP.

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