Corn Has Arrived!

Fri., July 15, 2016  While it is true that our market has a wide range of delectable choices, it is also true that certain crops mark the entry into the heart of summer.  And corn is one of them.

Burnside Acres arrived early Friday with our first local corn of the season….

4 corn and potatoes

At the opening of the market people were eager to get their first taste of what would be part of local fare from now until September.

Shoppers didn’t stop with corn….From a host of vendors …they selected locally preserved items from Luckyfoot Ranch (amidst their other attractively displayed veggies)…

4 lucky 2

…and lavender scented items arranged among the greens and flowers of Magnolia Ridge

3 Magnolia 2


to the best lemonade around,

4 lemonade girls

….people strolled  around the market to live music by Andrea and JP, rested on the lawn, and saw what there was to see.

4 enjoying the market4 music3

Visitors talked with representatives from Save the Bay, Audubon, People’s Power and Light and RISE Engineering (for those seeking a home energy audit).

4 Save the Bay

As for next week, July 22nd?  Besides CORN and summer ripe TOMATOES, etc. our musician will be Mike Bussey and our nonprofit visitors will be  Gina from ecoRIKaren Stewart from Smart Power and Donna Walsh from the Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association.  Be ready to spend some time with our knowledgeable, easy-to-talk with, easy-to-listen-to guests.  Please Join Us!


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