Feeding Our Independent Spirit!

Friday, June 30, 2017  Sun then rain then sun again….How “New England” does it get?  The skies cleared making way for a market day that had something for everyone.  That’s the thing about the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market – The variety of offerings is wide, fresh and authentically local!  And the congenial welcome that everyone receives will make you want to come back EVERY week (9:30 to 1)!

To share some thinking from a sister farmers’ market in Pawtuxet Village, buying American grown food and purchasing American made items at the CLT Farmers’ Market is one way to show your Independent Spirit!  Local food reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating food’s long-distance transport and long term refrigeration before being purchased by you.  Shop at our farmers’ market where delicious, sustainably grown food is brought each week by the actual farmers who tend the crops nearby!   There’s something patriotic about that.


2017….What’s NEW at the market this year?

Along with the Lazy K Ranch (of Alpaca fame….Scroll down if you missed last week’s posting.)  and the availability of SNAP /incentive benefits (with assistance and explanations via Thundermist’s Food Access staff) we have been joined this season by Made by Vicki.  Stop by to see and sample Vicki’s jams and jellies sold ONLY at our farmers’ market….They offer a perfect compliment to the breads, vegetables, meat and shellfish found at surrounding vendor booths.

And, although they are not totally new to our market, Mills Creek has developed a multi product, family approach to summertime in Charlestown.  One family member is specializing in fresh, organic, fair trade coffee while two others are using muscle power to make fresh squeezed lemonade – truly the best around!  The totally NEW part isseen in the fine handcrafts, inspired by nature and crafted by local artisans…



In the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting our tried and true vendors (the ones you look forward to seeing each summer) along with special visitors and….at the center of our market – the shoppers!  Stay tuned.


Foot tapping music by Farm Dog, a regular yearly treat for all, kept us stepping to the rhythm….or maybe just sitting on the grass and enjoying the ambiance.


Soil testing and Master Gardening from URI along with RISE Engineering were there to help us grow healthier plants and keep our homes efficiently cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Free advice was offered with some mighty fine perks for those who stopped by.

Coming up this Friday, July 7th?   Stop by to talk with URI’s Water Quality experts….And then head over to speak with the DEM Fish and Wildlife people!  Before you leave, be sure to check in with our local AFS (American Field Service) Exchange Student representative.   There is so much to sample at our country market and much to learn about our much loved surroundings!

2 responses to this post.

  1. It would be nice to see the days and times of your market at the beginning of your blog so that those of us who would like to come don’t have to search for it.


    • Posted by greenkathie on July 7, 2017 at 11:59 am

      Thanks for your suggestion, Rosalie. At your bidding I did add the hours of the market to the blog….And with subsequent postings I will put the hours (9:30 to 1) and the day (summer Fridays) at the beginning of each posting. The info is also available on our CLT website page, Farmers’ Market link at http://www.charlestownlandtrust.org/farmers_market.html If I knew how to do it, I’d link that web address to this comment….
      Hope to see you at the market!…although today’s rain will put more than a damper on most people’s desire to go shopping outdoors….:( KMG


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