Neither Rain nor Sleet nor…..?…kept some from Market Day!

Friday, July 7, 2017 – Despite the weather this past Friday, there was a flurry of activity at the CLT Farmers’ Market site!

There is a Rain Policy for our market, a somewhat informal one….On a truly rainy day we invite vendors to set up – if they wish.  But we do not set up a market table or SNAP table.  We do not have live music, and generally we do not have some of the extras found on a normal market day.  Rain has been an infrequent visitor to our market, but this past Friday, with a deluge falling in some parts of South County while other areas merely experienced drizzle, our Rain Policy was tested.

Turned out that the uncertain weather was no impediment to a few vendors – and shoppers!  We learned that Gandolf and Carl, the Lazy K Ranch alpacas, were undaunted by the rain.  With overcast weather there was no concern about heat from the sun, so the alpacas and their caregivers moved down from their sheltered, shady area at the rear of the market onto our central “green”. 

People, eyeing the animals from the street, stopped by to visit..Several shoppers, especially those under 12, spent some time admiring these beautiful and calm creatures.


There was plenty of time to shop for fresh vegetables and flowers from Burnside Farm just a few steps away.


And then back to check out the luxuriant items made from alpaca yarn (Thank you, Carl and Gandolf.)…along with Lazy K Honey!

Moving down the line, people encountered Amanda from DEM.  Her booth was filled with photographs, games and information about local animals.


At the next stop, Jordanne and Nathan from URI’s Water Testing team were ready with information for all of us well users (That includes everyone in Charlestown since wells are our sole source of drinking water.)

Join us this coming Friday, July 14th for….FAIR SKIES along with  Joslin Hill Apiary (Bees and Honey), Save the Bay, People’s Power and Light and ALL the vendors you’ve come to know (or are hoping to meet) resplendent with the fresh food and fine goods you’ve come to expect. Music this week? Be ready for The Mighty Fee!

9:30 to 1 at 4150 Old Post Rd.  SNAP benefits and incentives available.  See you there and then!

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