Something for EVERYONE!

 Friday, August 25, 2017

For starters, Friday was PARTY DAY!  The Charlestown Land Trust says thank you at the end of each season with hot dogs and watermelon for all.   Not to worry if you were unable to travel to where the food was being cooked and sliced….At this “restaurant” our shoppers and vendors benefitted from “service with a smile”

And then there was the MUSIC!  From the time that the bell sounded signaling the market opening,there was music, music, music…of all sorts offered by an array of musicians…throughout the morning.  Fun!









People stepped in time to the music as they shopped at vendor booths, old and new.  Luscious Heirloom tomatoes…






Grape-sized, sweet kiwi….crunchy apples…

Briny, fresh shellfish right out of the pond….


A wide assortment of salads and salsas, side dishes and specialty foods…

Bright, comfortable clothing for the beach…or anywhere!

We welcomed a fresh water advocate from the Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association and a salt water advocate from Save the Bay who updated us on what’s happening in our section of the Ocean (Pond and River) State.

There were special visits from two local artists, one of whom gave some budding young artists a chance to express themselves. 


Glancing around the market it was clear that people weren’t the only ones present.   Charlestown Animal Shelter brought along some friendly, well behaved canine friends….as did several shoppers and a couple vendors as well.  Just like their human counterparts, everyone got along…

Our talented CLT volunteer photographers circulate throughout the market each week and create stories with their cameras….But, as always, their subjects have a choice about their pictures… Hearty thanks to those from Thundermist for staffing our SNAP/CREDIT/DEBIT table this summer making the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market more available to our whole community.

Take a look at these happy faces….



Add yours to the mix and join us this coming Friday, September 1st for our Final Market Day for Season #10!  URI’s water testing people will be on hand.  Music by Glorybound.  Stock up for your Labor Day Weekend!  You will be glad to be at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market …and we will be delighted to welcome you!

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