Steamers, Corn…and Empanadas?

Friday, July 6, 2018

Neither wind nor rain deterred shoppers this past Friday….even though it was touch and go for awhile.

Ninigret Oyster Farm is known for it’s straight-from-the-pond shellfish.  There are always abundant numbers of oysters and little necks, sweet and fresh.  Once in awhile mussels and even chowder clams show up.  But STEAMERS?  In recent years, they have been more of a rarity.  This summer, however, steamers (soft shell clams) have made it to 2 of our 3 markets.  The quantities are likely to be limited so get to the market early if steamers are on your list for summer dining.



Securing all those carefully crafted pottery pieces pieces amidst powerful wind gusts?  The Creators of Kelley Kreations have it down.  Otherwise shoppers would not have had the pleasure of choosing from their fine wares this past Friday…mugs that fit comfortably in one’s hands, tiny clay frogs glazed upon a variety of serving dishes..Imagination unlimited…..Stop by to see for yourself.


Looking to be more a part of the summer fun and free of extra meal preparation?  Try Meadow Brook Inn‘s smorgasbord of side dishes! You’ll find an international array of choices – empanadas, eggplant parmesan,  tzatziki – to name a few.  Create delectable summer meals without being tied to the kitchen.

Narragansett Farm joined us this week with, among other veggies, broccoli heads the size of cantaloupes…and delicious they were!  More from their farm in a later entry….


7 R corn


CORN….One of the ways that we know summer is ripening into its fullness is the coming of CORN…And there it was, at Burnside Acres this very week!

As for something REALLY new and different?  We welcomed Yore Body Care + Laundry.  Products to peruse, art projects to pursue….


The wind persisted all morning, sweeping in shoppers and visitors….and many took pleasure in mixing with the YMCA Garden Club, a lively group with a mission to raise funds for children to attend camp.  The positive energy in this group was notable!  Also with us this week were representatives from AFS sharing information about the student exchange programs that they sponsor in local communities.


3 Patrice AuctionWhile not a Farmers’ Market item, the Charlestown Land Trust is hosting a Summer Party and Silent Auction on Thursday, July 26th at the Nordic Lodge on Pasquisset Pond in Charlestown.  The CLT throws a great party so get your tickets at the market table on Friday morning or go to our website: Charlestown Land Trust.  As for the location: right in the heart of town showcasing some of the reasons that Charlestown Land Trust is so passionate about preserving our open spaces….

This Friday, July 13th, stop by to hear music by Peter Weremay.  We love having Peter at our market each year as do our shoppers!  And Eileen will be on hand to talk about having an energy audit at YOUR house.  This service is free, comprehensive, and sponsored by RISE Engineering.  Next winter you’ll be glad to have looked into your options!

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