Summertime….And the Shopping Is Easy…..

Friday, July 27, 2018

Our CLT Farmers’ Market photographers usually make their rounds once the market gets rolling.  But today Roger was on the scene early and did due diligence to highlight the teamwork and effort that preceded the opening bell.  Our newest volunteers (from Perspectives – Yes!) helped our vendors with some heavy lifting and cooperative set ups.  They made a world of difference!






Our volunteers have many skills….including parking assistant.  A valuable service indeed!6 J Faith parking

Once everything was in place and the shoppers appeared there was MUCH from which to choose.  Since we are now in the heart of summer, the harvest is abundant and ever increasing in variety…

This week?  Breathe in the fragrance of those peaches from Narrow Lane OrchardThey join us each year for the second half of our season bringing local, mouthwatering fruit.  We are so delighted to welcome them!

And the tomatoes?  Check in with Narragansett Farm and Burnside Acres. ..You won’t need to go any farther than that to find a splendid array of varieties and sizes…

….not to mention ALL the other vegetables…and Burnside even has flowers….

Here’s a question.  Did you know that Stoney Hill Cattle Co., in addition to their locally produced meats, poultry and eggs, often has local mushrooms (a perfect accompaniment to their steaks) and, on occasion, cheese from a nearby source (think a version of a cheeseburger…).  You need to stop by each week to inquire of Kim, the farmer/purveyor at Stoney Hill.

Remember – If you reach into your pocket for cash and find that you’ve left it at home on the kitchen counter, stop to see Julie who will redeem your credit card (or your SNAP card) for coins that can be used at our market or at other farmers’ markets in the wider RI area. And if you have a SNAP card you can DOUBLE your purchasing power for fruits and vegetables with BONUS BUCKS!

Music this week was participatory!  We were joined by Tales and Tunes….and THEY were joined by…well, take a look.  This was Sing-along, play along time and there were many who did just that.





Girl Scouts joined us this past week….and they will be with us again this coming week.  Some of us have fond memories of our Girl Scout and Brownie days….But here’s what the G.I.R.L in Girl Scouts stands for now: Go Getter, Innovator, Risk Taker, Leader.  Stop by again and learn even more about their exciting, character-building program.

This coming Friday, August 3rd (already?!?),  we’ll be listening to Peter Weremay’s music….We look forward to Peter’s time at our market each summer!

We’ll welcome the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County with information that will help inform and protect all members of our community.  And the Girl Scouts will be back!

All we’ll need this coming Friday is the pleasure of YOUR COMPANY!

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