T-H-E Destination Each Friday Morning All Summer…

Friday, August 10, 2018

At the end of the summer, at the end of a vacation, at the end of a day in South County, many people enjoy taking something home that reminds them of time spent in this setting of countryside-woodland-pond-beach-sea.

Functional artistry from Kelley Kreations Pottery, pieces to be used while sharing stories or plans….









Or perhaps a photograph or two from Sand Hill Cove Photography that captures some bit of beauty or a particular memory you want to keep…




Sometimes a piece of jewelry that catches the light in a certain way or contains a shell or stone that is reminiscent of a walk on the beach….Audrey’s Creations fit that bill.



And then there are the memories, like this one with Gandolf, the alpaca (see below), that will simply warm your heart when you think of them.

It’s all there at our market, waiting for you.






Before leaving the market on any given day, however, here’s a list (and corresponding photos) to check, some of the reasons that drew you to the market in the first place:  Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies of all sorts, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Bread, Fresh Eggs and local Meat, Fresh Honey…8 F fresh fruit


This week’s music came to you from Where’s Lewis with Gerry Nicoletti and Lee Singer. Perfect accompaniment on a summer day!

Each August the Church of the Holy Spirit holds a Chowder Cook-Off where parishioners prepare their favorite version of that local favorite: Clam Chowder.  Visitors to this event sample the results (quite delicious) and are invited to cast their vote for the Winning Chowder.  Stay tuned to learn who received the Golden Clam Shell award.8 Chowder


Hopefully you had a chance to learn more about the Boy Scouts in our neck of the woods.  There is a strong Boy Scout presence in our local communities and visitors to the Boy Scout table were able to discover more about them.

We were fortunate to welcome our local Save the Bay CoastKeeper Dave Prescott.  Stop to talk with Dave and feel your knowledge of the state of our local salt waterways grow.  Find out reasons for focusing on the bigger environmental picture!



Were you there last year on Fairie House Making Day?!?  If your were, or if you weren’t, you’ll delight in the possibilities that Hera Gallery will present this Friday, August 17th for constructing your own Fairie House.  This is an “All Ages Opportunity”.  And if you haven’t had a chance to visit Hera Gallery in Wakefield, there will be information at their table at this week’s market.  Their exhibits are unique, current, and beautifully presented.

URI’s Master Gardeners will be on hand once again to offer soil testing and help with your gardening questions.  And Glory Bound will bring us music!

So do stop by!


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