One for the Money, Two for the Show….

1 A hoursFriday, June 21, 2019  Rain!  Pouring down at 6 AM, the time we agreed would be the hour to declare an open or an optional market day…..What to do?

The Charlestown Land Trust was ready.  The Vendors were ready.  The grounds of the Church of the Holy Spirit were freshly mowed, the garden walkway had been regraveled by Larlham Landscaping inviting strollers…. But the weather?  Not so much….

And so it was decided that opening day would be an optional market day for vendors….No market table or children’s programming, no musical instruments which risk ruin in the rain…. At least half of our vendors decided to wait for friendlier skies…the following week.

…As for those determined to show up?  The rain subsided and eager, stalwart shoppers arrived! There were spring vegetables and flowers from Burnside Acres… and briny shellfish from Ninigret Oyster Farm.


Gandolf and Carl, the beloved alpacas from the Lazy K Ranch, were on hand



as was the Meadowbrook Inn with delicious condiments, appetizers, and side dishes ready to accompany the fresh offerings.



New to our market this year is Pickily!  Pickled vegetables of all sorts are tasty additions to any meal and a tasty addition to our market as well.

Kelley’s Kreations came with new pottery designs added to some long time favorites and Audrey’s Creations offered jewel-like sparkle on a gray day .

In addition we were fortunate to have two non profit neighbors joining us, despite the weather!  Neighbors Helping Neighbors, sponsored by St. Andrew’s Church in Charlestown has partnered with other groups in the community to provide service to local people who need a helping hand with home maintenance. Habitat for Humanity, a partner of St. Andrew’s,  was on hand to talk about their mission to support those on the road to home ownership.

We’re looking forward to a summer filled with the bounty of fresh, local food; new knowledge of our community; a celebration of the open spaces all around, and happy, satisfied visitors.  Join us every Friday, 9:30 to 1, all summer long!




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