The Third One’s the Charm

1 A hours

Friday, July 5, 2019   The 4th of July Weekend in South County!  It seems as if everyone wants to be here…It can seem like everyone IS here.

The market welcomed a steady stream of shoppers and visitors.  And yet, as busy as the market was, there was still a sense of a time when lingering was more a part of life.  People met one another, exchanged greetings, engaged in conversations, laughed, shopped, sat on the lawn….lingered.

People at the market table welcomed arrivals, helped direct shoppers and offered info about our Charlestown Land Trust…including the upcoming Summer Party and Auction on Thurs., July 18th.  The Summer Party has proven to be a overall GOOD TIME!  Tickets are available at the market on Friday or online at The Charlestown Land Trust website.

Chris Fee’s music contributed to the vibe.  His notes wove through the morning…sometimes toe tapping, other times pure entertainment.

As for shopping?  Take a look at just a few or our offerings.  Vicki’s jams and jellies, Great Harvest‘s bakery items, Pure Haven‘s organic skin care products, Meadowbrook Inn‘s yummy side dishes, Sand Hill Cove’s South County photographs,….and the reliably fresh assortment of vegetables, fruits, and flowers from Burnside Acres.

A word about our VOLUNTEERS – There could be so many words about our volunteers…  Without them we would be unable to run the market we run.  They staff the CLT Market table, they direct parking, they spread the word about the market, they help the vendors and show people where things are…Today we’ll reintroduce Perspectives, the group that is with us for a second year and is a main source of volunteer work at our market.

Each week Perspectives people help unload, set up and break down materials for the various vendor booths.  And this year they have stepped in to make decidedly delicious, fresh squeezed lemonade.  Our beloved Lemonade Boys from last year retired,  and we were unsure how to provide something of similar quality.  In stepped Kara, The Lemonade Lady from Perspecitves.  You really MUST try this summery beverage!

This week’s community guests included the Anne from the Domestic Violence Resource Center and Gabby from EcoRI, an online environmental news source for our state.  Sign up for the ecoRI’s weekly newsletter – every Tuesday.  Both of our visiting organizations has an admirable track record of making life in RI better for her citizens.

Coming up this Friday, July 12th….Be ready for Indie Cycle.  Electronics recycling – “Anything with a cord” is the catch phrase.  We’ll enjoy music by Peter Weremay (as we do each year!) and have an opportunity to speak with people from Save the Bay with an office in Westerly where the focus is on our RI coastline and Little Narragansett Bay.   Come learn more…and then shop for  local fresh food and products.


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