Composing Our Summer Song

1 A hoursFriday, July 12, 2019  We are into the rhythm of the season, composing our summer song.  On Friday morning the clouds scudded away, the rain receded….And while the humidity lingered, the chords of summer were ringing true, right from the opening bell.

Burnside Acres’ array of vegetables continued to crescendo and change with the season….New this week? CORN!

And across the way was Sweet Pea Farm making their debut at our market with fresh greens, herbs, flowers – grown and harvested on land conserved by the Charlestown Land Trust!

For a long while now the Farmers’ Market has been questing after a FOOD TRUCK.  Our market manager Julia connected with Teddy’s Griddle…And the food they served on Friday?  It had many of us singing a happy tune – Delicious!!!  Come on by to sample!

A summer song leads one to think that there was music at the market.  And there certainly was!  To everyone’s great pleasure Peter Weremay played from beginning to end. People settled on the lawn to listen, visit, enjoy…

But there was more….Music that is heard is only part of a summer song… Our Market song includes notes from our artisans:  Kelley’s Kreations, Sand Hill Cove Photography, and Audrey’s Jewelry Creations…to name a few.

FARMS are central to any farmers’ market and they are the melody for our song.  In addition to the fruit and vegetable versions we have Stoney Hill Cattle Co. for beef, pork, chicken (and eggs), Ninigret Oyster Farm for oysters of course, but also little necks and steamers, and Lazy K honey and beautifully made alpaca items (Thank you in part to Carl and Gandolf!)

The parts of our market song are kept in harmony and on key by our market manager and our volunteers.  It’s easy to see how the music flows with their support and watchful eyes. Land Trust volunteers and members of the Perspectives community continue to keep us on pitch.

Each week there is a bit of a variation in the tune we play when we welcome local nonprofit groups.  We were glad to welcome back two long time friends: Dave from the Westerly branch of  Save the Bay  and Indie Cycle ready to recycle unwanted electronics…or as Phyllis, one of the owner’s says, “anything with a cord.”

Of course, our shoppers and visitors are the ones who provide the voices for our summer song.  It is summertime…and it can be HOT!  Here’s how one of our favorite market attendees sang her song  in the heat last Friday…

Join us this Friday, July 19th as we continue creating our summer song.  Gerry Nicoletti will bring us music we love.  Plus RI DEM’s Fish and Wildlife Service will be on hand and URI’s Master Gardeners’ soil testing service will be available.


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