What’s for Dinner?

Friday, August 16, 2019

1 A hours

Summertime meals!  Based on a bountiful and ongoing harvest the variety of fresh flavors has a wide range.  We suspect that the many of our shoppers base their meals on what is found at Friday’s market.  Here are some recent photos showing actual dishes prepared by our shoppers at home…evidence of why they show up week after week!

Can you guess where each ingredient was purchased?…Are you inspired to create your own delicious (and quite beautiful) meal when you come to shop this Friday?

Friday was an especially social day –  URI’s Soil Testers were on hand with flocks of people surrounding their table asking questions, picking up seeds, sharing stories, and receiving information.  It’s hard to see them tucked in the back of the accompanying photo…9 family

Looking at the collection of photos from the market, a theme emerges….Conversations, conversations, conversations!  Start at the CLT Market Table, head next door to Julie for EBT/Credit, and then around the corner to Kelley’s Kreations….9 F market table29 F market table9 F Market table49 F the Credit EBT table

9 F Kelleys

Continue on to Gabe at the Meadow Brook Inn tent and then the shellfish shoppers at Ninigret Oyster Farm…Next up? Perspectives, some of our beloved volunteers. Conversations galore!

The Crone Tones settled into the middle of the green with an ongoing kaleidoscope of performers and an audience that assembled and reassembled throughout the market day.

Instruments provided an incentive for getting involved. …One of the youngest (below) responded to a little bit of encouragement – and then Voila!   Participation!

Not far from the music was the whirrrr of the potters wheel as South County Art Association’s  Jason Fong showed observers how it is done…SCAA pottery is well known in our area.  People are welcome to visit their studio in Kingston and perhaps sign up to try their hand.9 F SCAA

Resuming the socializing and shopping market tour…There’s the crunch of Pickily, fresh lemonade from Kara and her Perspectives crew, local meats from Stoney Hill (with cooking recommendations from Kim, if you’d asked her…), Lazy K Ranch‘s alpacaware, soft and fine AND effectively marketed by Celia (even without her front teeth), and those late summer RI fruits from Narrow Lane..All the while the irresistible cooking aromas from Teddy’s Griddle were calling…..

Don’t forget the dogs who have been adding to the market ambiance.  Note below: One as an observer,  a pair having their own discussion, a third ready to lead the way, and the fourth – still a “babe in arms”.

This week  “Discover something new about Meadow Brook Inn

When Gabe and Marissa purchased the Meadow Brook Inn 14 years ago they were intent on running a quality “Scratch Kitchen” underpinning their Special Events business. They have done that, earning a fine reputation throughout southern New England for delicious food and a welcoming air at their elegant Inn near the Carolina section of Charlestown. They also offer off site catering and have expanded to two other farmers’ markets in the South County area. Word has it that there’s a food truck in their future.  This summer their daughter Martine has joined us offering everything from a variety of salsas to eggplant parmesan…perfect for premier summer meals!

Now onto “Discover something new about Audrey’s Creations…”

Audrey’s fine arts background was only part of what led her to start Audrey’s Creations, a local business that has been with our market since we moved to our present location 7 years ago. Another motivation? What was she to do with some of the broken but treasured pieces of jewelry in her possession?” Those items, in need of imaginative refurbishment, have been combined with stones and beads and shells. And the results are lovely, sometimes whimsical pieces of jewelry sold each summer at our market.

Across the way  “Discover something new about   Pure Haven Essentials”   Awhile back, when Diane learned about the toxins routinely used in cosmetics, she went on a search for an alternative. After looking into several companies she ultimately settled on Pure Haven Essentials (formerly Ava Anderson), a RI based company that had been an innovative startup and gone on to develop a line of healthy, cruelty free cosmetics. Their philosophy (and Diane’s) seemed a good fit with that of our health oriented, locally sourced farmers’ market and Pure Haven has been with us for the past 5 years.

Climate-caring citizens?  We have them!…people willing to bring their own plastic bags….or containers…or coolers….or whatever….to avoid using more plastic.  Each effort, no matter how small, feeds into what is called the “butterfly effect” .  Their numbers are growing!

This coming Friday, Aug. 23rd is PARTY DAY!  Our annual thank you to everyone!  Watermelon, hot dogs, all kinds of music (and impromptu dancing!)  Along with local musicians including members of Farm Dog and the Crone Tones, we’ll also have  Southern RI Volunteers (SRIV) on hand with opportunities for volunteering across South County.  And Hope’s Harvest will join us to tell how they employ volunteers to harvest surplus fruits and vegetables from farms and then distribute this bounty to those in need.  Come learn more…and PARTY with us!  Season #12 has just one more week after this Friday…The summer flies!



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