Party Day – Rain or Shine!

1 A hours

Friday, August 23, 2019

How does the saying go?  “Neither rain nor sleet nor….” That partial quote is not only true for the U.S. Mail.  It was also true for The Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market on Friday.  Musicians played while Listeners listened,

the Cooks cooked while people enjoyed,

10 party tent

Shoppers shopped, Vendors shared,

Volunteers volunteered,

Visiting agencies interacted (Our thanks to Southern RI Volunteers, Hope’s Harvest, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind of RI!),

People visited (animal visiting too!),

and a good time was had by all!

In this “corner” of the post, maybe you’ll “Discover something new about the Stoney Hill Cattle Company…”

10 stoney

Four generations of the Luchka-Coulter Family have operated the Stoney Hill Cattle Co. located on Shumankanuc Hill in Charlestown. The farm itself dates back to the late 1600s-early 1700s and is the longest continuously operated farm in the Town of Charlestown. Kim, a mainstay farmer at our market, offers high quality beef, pork, poultry and eggs along with a wealth of knowledge about how to prepare everything deliciously. And shoppers can be assured that their meat has been raised humanely where “Cows can be cows and pigs can be pigs…”to paraphrase Kim’s husband Bill.

“Discover something new about  Vicki’s Jams and Jellies…”

Inspiration is a great motivator and family relationships often provide a source for that. So it was with Vicki whose Great Grandmother, her Meme, first showed her how to make jam from the high bush blueberries located behind her house in Stonington. Fast forward a few years and Vicki’s Jams and Jellies have found their yummy way to our Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market. With lots of research and taste testing Vicki has vastly expanded her line to include flavors from pineapple to bacon.

“Discover something new about Pop on the Block 10 pop on the block Pop on the Block , a newcomer to our 2019 market, had its beginnings three years ago on…yes, you guessed it, Block Island, cooked up by a family team. Matt, our local vendor, tells the story of a snack that meets the requirements of discerning customers with no GMO issues and kernels sourced from local farms. The vibrant flavors, a broad array of them, result from natural seasonings added to a sound basic product. If a bag is purchased upon arrival at the market, it’s a pretty sure thing that most of it will be gone by the time the customer leaves.

This coming Friday, August 30th is the final market of 2019!  Paula Clare will be with us to celebrate and bring us MUSIC.  Paula was to be our very first musician this summer, but raindrops did get in the way that time.  Lucky for us, she has agreed to join us this Friday as we bid farewell to our 12th Season – a cool dozen!  We look forward to having YOU join us as well!


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