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One for the Money, Two for the Show….

1 A hoursFriday, June 21, 2019  Rain!  Pouring down at 6 AM, the time we agreed would be the hour to declare an open or an optional market day…..What to do?

The Charlestown Land Trust was ready.  The Vendors were ready.  The grounds of the Church of the Holy Spirit were freshly mowed, the garden walkway had been regraveled by Larlham Landscaping inviting strollers…. But the weather?  Not so much….

And so it was decided that opening day would be an optional market day for vendors….No market table or children’s programming, no musical instruments which risk ruin in the rain…. At least half of our vendors decided to wait for friendlier skies…the following week.

…As for those determined to show up?  The rain subsided and eager, stalwart shoppers arrived! There were spring vegetables and flowers from Burnside Acres… and briny shellfish from Ninigret Oyster Farm.


Gandolf and Carl, the beloved alpacas from the Lazy K Ranch, were on hand



as was the Meadowbrook Inn with delicious condiments, appetizers, and side dishes ready to accompany the fresh offerings.



New to our market this year is Pickily!  Pickled vegetables of all sorts are tasty additions to any meal and a tasty addition to our market as well.

Kelley’s Kreations came with new pottery designs added to some long time favorites and Audrey’s Creations offered jewel-like sparkle on a gray day .

In addition we were fortunate to have two non profit neighbors joining us, despite the weather!  Neighbors Helping Neighbors, sponsored by St. Andrew’s Church in Charlestown has partnered with other groups in the community to provide service to local people who need a helping hand with home maintenance. Habitat for Humanity, a partner of St. Andrew’s,  was on hand to talk about their mission to support those on the road to home ownership.

We’re looking forward to a summer filled with the bounty of fresh, local food; new knowledge of our community; a celebration of the open spaces all around, and happy, satisfied visitors.  Join us every Friday, 9:30 to 1, all summer long!





One More (Glorious) Time….

Friday, August 31, 2018

The bell rang one more time for 2018 (in Linda Style) and the Market came to life.

Season 11 was drawing to a close, but not before Shoppers and Visitors, Vendors and Volunteers prepared for Labor Day Weekend, procuring just what would be needed for the final Hurrah of the Summer.

Strolling through the market one was greeted by the familiar and welcome collection of local, fresh food…

…and smiling shoppers.















Three Jewels of the Summer who shone forth this year (all with varying versions of the same name) included Julie who staffed our SNAP/EBT/Bonus Bucks table, Jules, our intern from URI and our crown jewel, Market Manager Julia.

They were underpinned by Charlestown Land Trust Volunteers who provided yeomen’s labor as they set up, organized, staffed, greeted, photographed, and cleaned up so that EVERY week we experienced a well run market.  Thank you especially to Linda, Roe, Karen, Roger, Fred, Pam, Sue, Elaine, Faith, and surely more….  This list doesn’t acknowledge the many others who helped out.  You know who you are…and so, gratefully, do we!(That’s Fred, one of our valued photographers, looking through a different kind of lens…)

And through the latter part of the summer our volunteer team has been rounded out with PERSPECTIVES workers….Three cheers for ALL the work they’ve done!!!

Surfriders RI were on hand to share their mission to enjoy and protect our RI coastline.

This year saw a real emphasis on reducing single use plastic, promoting sustainable practices, and paying closer attention to environmental care here in Charlestown. Many of our vendors joined in.  But notice also some of the ways in which our shoppers honored that effort by bringing their own bags and/or containers:

Finally, a word about our host site:  The Church of the Holy Spirit has generously welcomed us as we have set up shop across their green front yard for the past 7 years.  Every Friday morning the lawn is mowed, the parking lot available, and there is an environmentally focused Children’s Activity staffed by parishioners under the tree not far from the Alpacas…We are ever grateful for the use of this lovely open space.

Come next winter you may want to browse through the photos from the past in fond recollection – and then start anticipating the coming summer season.

Farewell Gandolf!  We look forward to seeing you and Carl and all the Gang back at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market toward the end of June 2019!

The Perfect Place to Be?

Friday, August 24, 2018

It WAS the perfect place to be!  A clear summer day with…..

live music of all sorts,      

an opportunity to chat and linger with family and friends, new and old,

a chance to check out the newest in electric vehicles (courtesy of Peoples Power and Light),

do some sun exploration via the “sunscope” with Scott MacNeill from the Frosty Drew Nature Center and Observatory (He knows the REAL name of the piece of equipment),

take delight in watching some little ones,

and help yourself to our cookout Party Food – prepared and served by our unmatched volunteer staff!

When you were finished with your watermelon, it was time to visit the South County Art Association to view a fine demonstration of skill and artistry.

Amidst the special events, shoppers still made the rounds, selecting goods from our vendors, the backbone of our market.  Here are a few of them: 2 J Stoney Hill2

All the while, in and around the bustle of our weekly market, Trevor from PBS showed up to do some filming for a production of “Our Town”. And when he took a little breather, Trevor tasted his FIRST oyster – one from Ninigret Oyster Farm!

Season 11 draws to a close THIS Friday, August 31st…We’ll have all the fresh food, local offerings and finely crafted items you’ve come to look for each week in the summer.  The RI Chapter of Surfrider will be there!  Join us one more time in 2018 to be part of our Farmers’ Market Community!

Taking Care of the Environment Starting Right Here in Charlestown!

Friday, August 17, 2018  We, at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers’ Market are INVESTED!  We’re invested in maintaining natural resources and open space.  We are invested in sustainable practices. We are invested in our community.

How are we showing that investment?  For one thing, this year we have a new policy to MINIMIZE THE USE OF PLASTIC – with an emphasis on single use plastic.  Here are some examples of  efforts to follow this policy.

Every week at our CLT Market Table we offer reusable bags for Shoppers to purchase.  Some of the bags are made of recycled materials by one of our volunteers.

Alongside the Blue Trash Receptacle a Green Recycling Bin is brought out for people at the market to separate out their mostly plastic recyclable items  (not straws!  They go into the blue bin.)

What does reduced use of plastic look like for Vendors?  This year the Lemonade Boys have decided NOT to use plastic straws, an item that so often ends up on our beaches and in waterway, hurting animals that inhabit the area.

Great Harvest has paper bags for some of its products including for this delicious cookie held up by Blessing.

Wandering Star uses compostible containers and obtains compost from a local farm.

Narrow Lane Orchard uses cardboard boxes for their berries instead of plastic.

And Lazy K Ranch raises animals which provide the sustainable, renewable fiber for their beautifully soft items.




Our Shoppers are showing their investment in the care of the environment, not only by bringing their own reusable bags, but by using a bucket from home for carting off oysters….….and bringing a previously used bag for this week’s clams! Inspiring!!!

So bring your own bags or buckets or whatever is needed in order to take home as much of your Farmers’ Market produce using as little single use plastic as possible!

Another aspect of Sustainability has to do with keeping our market running week after week.  Each Friday morning Vendors unload, set up, and arrange their goods.  And each Friday afternoon they wrap up, pack up, and reload their vehicles.  Our Volunteers – from Perspectives and from Chariho High School (along with our faithful CLT group!) have made a world of difference in the way the market works every week…We LOVE them!

We were treated this week to a visit from Hera Gallery in Wakefield….What a treasure trove of potential artistic expression! Fairy Houses and crafts of all kinds were available for people of ALL ages! 

And once again, URI Master Gardeners showed up with all sorts of gardening info, soil testing options and welcoming smiles.

Glorybound came by this past week and gave us a country sound that fit right in with our market vibe.

This coming Friday, August 24th,   People’s Power and Light and the South County Art Association will be on hand.  We’ll also be holding our annual PARTY MARKET!  For Music we will be JAMMING – Bring your instrument(s) – clapping hands and tapping toes will do!  Enjoy our CLT Party/Picnic with hot dogs on the grill and watermelon.  Remember last year?  We had a BALL…and WE PLAN ON JUST AS MUCH FUN THIS YEAR!  Join us!

T-H-E Destination Each Friday Morning All Summer…

Friday, August 10, 2018

At the end of the summer, at the end of a vacation, at the end of a day in South County, many people enjoy taking something home that reminds them of time spent in this setting of countryside-woodland-pond-beach-sea.

Functional artistry from Kelley Kreations Pottery, pieces to be used while sharing stories or plans….









Or perhaps a photograph or two from Sand Hill Cove Photography that captures some bit of beauty or a particular memory you want to keep…




Sometimes a piece of jewelry that catches the light in a certain way or contains a shell or stone that is reminiscent of a walk on the beach….Audrey’s Creations fit that bill.



And then there are the memories, like this one with Gandolf, the alpaca (see below), that will simply warm your heart when you think of them.

It’s all there at our market, waiting for you.






Before leaving the market on any given day, however, here’s a list (and corresponding photos) to check, some of the reasons that drew you to the market in the first place:  Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies of all sorts, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Bread, Fresh Eggs and local Meat, Fresh Honey…8 F fresh fruit


This week’s music came to you from Where’s Lewis with Gerry Nicoletti and Lee Singer. Perfect accompaniment on a summer day!

Each August the Church of the Holy Spirit holds a Chowder Cook-Off where parishioners prepare their favorite version of that local favorite: Clam Chowder.  Visitors to this event sample the results (quite delicious) and are invited to cast their vote for the Winning Chowder.  Stay tuned to learn who received the Golden Clam Shell award.8 Chowder


Hopefully you had a chance to learn more about the Boy Scouts in our neck of the woods.  There is a strong Boy Scout presence in our local communities and visitors to the Boy Scout table were able to discover more about them.

We were fortunate to welcome our local Save the Bay CoastKeeper Dave Prescott.  Stop to talk with Dave and feel your knowledge of the state of our local salt waterways grow.  Find out reasons for focusing on the bigger environmental picture!



Were you there last year on Fairie House Making Day?!?  If your were, or if you weren’t, you’ll delight in the possibilities that Hera Gallery will present this Friday, August 17th for constructing your own Fairie House.  This is an “All Ages Opportunity”.  And if you haven’t had a chance to visit Hera Gallery in Wakefield, there will be information at their table at this week’s market.  Their exhibits are unique, current, and beautifully presented.

URI’s Master Gardeners will be on hand once again to offer soil testing and help with your gardening questions.  And Glory Bound will bring us music!

So do stop by!


Warm and Welcoming – with a Summer Breeze….(and an Upcoming Contest – Scroll Down!)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Every now and then, perhaps quite often actually, there is a new piece of information to be noted about one of the products or  vendors at our market.  For example, Great Harvest, maker of those multigrain breads and fresh fruit squares that people wait in line to purchase?  They use grains that are actually milled at their bakery in North Kingstown!…  Yes, locally ground flour!  The concept of “whole grain” takes on another dimension….(Your taste buds will have already informed you about the deliciousness of it all.)

This week we welcomed a new product:  Sea Fresh -Composted Seaweed!  Many locals of yesteryear availed themselves of seaweed from our extensive coastline and spread it across their garden patch each fall to enrich the soil for the coming season.  Raymond Xavier has been following his “recipe” for making seaweed compost over in Matunuck.  Find it at our market!


Thank you to Peter Weremay for the music, music, MUSIC!  And while Peter played, young artists created, and… 







…and shoppers shopped: for fresh produce,



and products locally made.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, now in their 40th year,  joined us to share information about their many community enhancing services.










See that t-shirt fluttering in the breeze?

Take a closer look. If spring green is not your color, well then, what about this shade of blue?

Perhaps you like BOTH of the new t-shirt colors… Or maybe you are particularly fond of the original deep forest green shirt… We have them ALL at our CLT Market table.  So stop by and join the CLT fashionista scene!

For those of you who are Instagram users, this week is NATIONAL FARMERS’ MARKET WEEK, August 5-11, and there’s a photo contest going on.  Post your favorite image on Instagram with the hashtag #NationalFarmersMarketWeekRI, tag it with the name of our market and the farmer or vendor in your photo and submit….You’ll be eligible for the $50 Fresh Bucks prize to be used at any participating RI Farmers’ Market this season.  Check out Farm Fresh RI Instagram page.

One more thing! Shoppers are welcome to use their credit cards, debit cards and SNAP cards.  You’ll find these services right next to the CLT Market Table.  In addition Senior Coupons (available at the local senior centers) can be used for fruits and vegetables at our market.

This coming Friday, August 10th….be ready to hear music with Gerry Nicoletti.  We’ll have both the Girl Scouts AND the Boy Scouts with us.  And a particular local favorite – Dave from Save the Bay.  For those of you wishing to sample a savory South County Classic, stop at the Church of the Holy Spirit’s Annual Chowder Cook Off...We who are veterans of this market, never miss a chance to step over to the Church’s table to taste what’s cookin’.

Summertime….And the Shopping Is Easy…..

Friday, July 27, 2018

Our CLT Farmers’ Market photographers usually make their rounds once the market gets rolling.  But today Roger was on the scene early and did due diligence to highlight the teamwork and effort that preceded the opening bell.  Our newest volunteers (from Perspectives – Yes!) helped our vendors with some heavy lifting and cooperative set ups.  They made a world of difference!






Our volunteers have many skills….including parking assistant.  A valuable service indeed!6 J Faith parking

Once everything was in place and the shoppers appeared there was MUCH from which to choose.  Since we are now in the heart of summer, the harvest is abundant and ever increasing in variety…

This week?  Breathe in the fragrance of those peaches from Narrow Lane OrchardThey join us each year for the second half of our season bringing local, mouthwatering fruit.  We are so delighted to welcome them!

And the tomatoes?  Check in with Narragansett Farm and Burnside Acres. ..You won’t need to go any farther than that to find a splendid array of varieties and sizes…

….not to mention ALL the other vegetables…and Burnside even has flowers….

Here’s a question.  Did you know that Stoney Hill Cattle Co., in addition to their locally produced meats, poultry and eggs, often has local mushrooms (a perfect accompaniment to their steaks) and, on occasion, cheese from a nearby source (think a version of a cheeseburger…).  You need to stop by each week to inquire of Kim, the farmer/purveyor at Stoney Hill.

Remember – If you reach into your pocket for cash and find that you’ve left it at home on the kitchen counter, stop to see Julie who will redeem your credit card (or your SNAP card) for coins that can be used at our market or at other farmers’ markets in the wider RI area. And if you have a SNAP card you can DOUBLE your purchasing power for fruits and vegetables with BONUS BUCKS!

Music this week was participatory!  We were joined by Tales and Tunes….and THEY were joined by…well, take a look.  This was Sing-along, play along time and there were many who did just that.





Girl Scouts joined us this past week….and they will be with us again this coming week.  Some of us have fond memories of our Girl Scout and Brownie days….But here’s what the G.I.R.L in Girl Scouts stands for now: Go Getter, Innovator, Risk Taker, Leader.  Stop by again and learn even more about their exciting, character-building program.

This coming Friday, August 3rd (already?!?),  we’ll be listening to Peter Weremay’s music….We look forward to Peter’s time at our market each summer!

We’ll welcome the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County with information that will help inform and protect all members of our community.  And the Girl Scouts will be back!

All we’ll need this coming Friday is the pleasure of YOUR COMPANY!