Heart of Summer

Friday, August 7, 2015

Heart of Summer, Heart of Gold….At this point in the season we might sing along with Neil Young.  There is produce galore!  But the items that nearly everyone craves are: tomatoes and corn  or should we say corn and tomatoes?  Take a look why:

7 R tomato rainbow2

7 R yellow tomatoes7 R tomatoes up close7 R corn

For the first time this summer we had peaches and blackberries….and we still had blueberries – a fruit lover’s dream!

7 F blackberries

7 F blueberries

Woven into the week’s shopping experience was information from People’s Power and Light, a renewable energy company…7 F PPL….and composting expertise, there for the asking….

7 F composting

Plus a visit from the people at Sea Grant, a vital agency assisting our aquaculture farms and those who care for our fragile water ecosystems.7 F Sea Grant

Children engaged (eagerly) in yet another activity session with volunteers from the Church of the Holy Spirit….Each week they provide opportunities for kids to interact with nature and create or construct something that reflects an appreciation of the environment.7 R church

All the while, Mike Bussey’s MUSIC lifted spirits and put a spring in shoppers’ steps.7 R Mike on music

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for some of our new vendors, like the Rope Basket selection…

7 F Rope baskets

There’s always something new at the market as well as high quality produce that you can count on for flavor and eye appeal. 7 R peppers


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